Residential and Non-Residential Architectural Design

Fry Design Group designs buildings for a variety of clients, including:

Our Architectural Design Process

We want to design buildings and spaces that surpass expectations and we approach each phase of our architectural design process by putting the client’s goals first. Our process is divided into the following phases:


Everything in our architectural design work starts with programming, also known as the research process. During this discovery phase, we meet with our client to determine the types of spaces needed and how the rooms relate to each other. We ask detailed questions to guide the next steps in the design process, putting the clients’ needs and style tastes first. We guide clients through each room, helping them discover the ideal building design while considering functionality, budget, and deadlines.

Schematic Design

During this phase of the project, we create the floor plans for your building. These drawings provide a layout of the entire project, displaying the skeleton we will build upon for each space. We refine this plan with our clients to further perfect their vision before advancing any further in the process.

Design Development

In design development, we add more detail to the schematics, including both interior and exterior finishes. We use color drawings and 3D modeling technology to show clients a more realistic picture of how the new spaces will look and function.

Contractor Drawings

This phase of the project is critical, as we make sure each detail of the design is spelled-out on paper for the contractors. The construction documents are the guidebook for the contractors, and it’s crucial that our client’s vision is accurately conveyed in the drawings. Clear and thorough construction drawings reduce miscommunication and streamline the building process, saving time and money. FDG’s background in construction is incredibly beneficial during this phase, as we understand how to communicate ideas to the various contractors and subcontractors who will interact with the drawings.

Bidding & Negotiation

During the bidding process, FDG is available to answer any questions contractors have about the project. We make sure bidding contractors understand the architectural intent behind all the construction drawings. This communication is key to ensuring the best contractors are selected to carry out the client’s vision for the building.

Construction Administration

FDG is on-site throughout the project to observe the construction and ensure it’s precisely following the architectural plans. We will answer the contractors’ questions about the vision for the building and communicate construction progress with the client.